Dec 112016

I recently read about Brian Goldberg in my school’s alumni magazine. Turns out he studied in Beijing in 1998:

Every morning before class, Goldberg would visit the bicycle-drawn carts selling jianbing: savory crepes stuffed with scrambled egg, sesame seeds, scallions, hoisin sauce, chili paste, cilantro, and crunchy wontons.

…When Goldberg came home, his heart wasn’t in medicine anymore. He finished his BA, then enrolled in a master’s program in East Asian languages and cultures at Columbia. Though he mostly focused on film, he took one class at the business school, where he wrote a very early draft of a business plan to bring jianbing to New York.

“I was ready to start Mr Bing fifteen years ago,” Goldberg says. “But a few other things got in the way.”

Here’s a Chinese-language news story about his Hong Kong branch:

Soon afterwards he took the idea to New York:

In July, New York magazine named the jianbing the city’s “Cheap Eat of the Year” — and business is thriving. At present, Mr Bing is a mobile cart and caterer, appearing at street fairs and corporate functions.

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