Feb 242017

I posted an article recently about a state legislator’s opposition to the three Confucius Institutes in Tennessee. I don’t think they’ll be closed down, and neither do they:

On Feb. 11th, local time, during the Chinese Lantern Festival, the Confucius Institute at the University of Memphis held its 10th anniversary celebration. Commissioned by Hanban, the tour group of Sichuan Normal University presented a cultural feast composed of Chinese drama, martial arts, dance, vocal music and folk music. The theater was fully packed.

Before the show began, the audience watched a video clip that reviews the ten–year-journey of the Confucius Institute. Kong Xiangde, Director of the Confucius Institute first delivered a speech, and extended his gratitude to the tour group of Sichuan Normal University and the audience. He hoped that in 2017, the Confucius Institute will make more contributions to China-US cultural exchanges with the support of all parties.

With rich content, the show is unusually brilliant. Xiong Jian, a National Second Rank Performer of the Academy of Sichuan Opera in Chengdu performed “face-changing”, a treasure of the Sichuan opera. Amid intense opera music, Xiong entered the stage with quick steps and turned to debut. Being simply imposing and impressive, Xiong made a “face-changing” every time he flicked his robes. The audience marveled at his performance, while the stage was engulfed by their endless applause and cheers.

On the U of M site, the article is only available in Chinese. The Chinese site is far more extensive than the English version, perhaps to make sure that “Hanban”, the government-affiliated organization that manages all CIs, sees how active they are (and keeps the funding coming in).

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